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A Monster's Tail is a Powered by the Apocalypse TTRPG inspired by games such as Pokemon, Dragon Warrior Monster, Digimon and other games in the Monster Catching genre of RPGs. 

What's in the Quickstart?

  1. The Rules
    - The Basic Moves to play A Monster's Tail, and GM advice on how to use them
    - The general mechanics of A Monster's Tail, and GM advice on how to use them
  2. Four Playbooks, known as Journeys
    - The Captain: An aspiring up and comer, the community has high hopes for them and higher job priorities for them to take care of before they go anywhere close to the top.
    - The Champion: They want to be the best, like no one ever was. Battling Gyms and other Trainers, they're aiming to become the number one Trainer in all the Region!
    - The Doctor: Everyone, including Genmon, get scrapes and bruises from time to time and Doctors are there to patch them up. Whether it be in a Town or in the Wilds, Doctors are always looking for more Patients to expand their practice.
    - The Idol: Performers who know how to incorporate Genmon into their Routines, they've got a fan base and they're going to show the Region there's more to Genmon than just battling! You can dress them up too!
  3. An introduction to Hayle, A Monster's Tail's starting Region
    - Overture Town: Where you start your adventure!
    - Route 1: The first Route where your Players can explore and catch Genmon of their own. Trainers beware, they're not the only ones traveling the Route!
    - Emerald Grove: A Wilds off Route 1 where dangerous Genmon lurk and treasure is said to be hidden away
    - Tenor City: The first big hub and place for Players to stretch their Mechanics
  4. The Genmon
    - A lay out of all 10 Types found in the Hayle Region
    - The four Starters of Hayle - You'll just have to download to see!
    - Several Genmon to liven up the Route and Wilds, either to catch or keep in their natural habitat.

What isn't in the Quickstart?
Four more Playbooks
 - The Professor: The academics of the Genmon World, Professors study oddities both of the Region and of Genmon themselves.
 - The Mystic: Some can tap into the strange powers of the world and Genmon, even coaxing it out of themselves. Mystics have a deep connection to the Wilds
 - The Smith: People still have to make things in the Genmon world and Smiths are happy to do it. From making potions to devices to capture Genmon, the Smith is a handy person to have around.
 - The Transfer: A visitor from another region, they may have some skills but can they defeat their biggest foe? Culture shock.

The rest of the Genmon!

The rest of Hayle!

Further GM advice on how to run A Monster's Tail from NPC generation, creating your own Regions and even using the base mechanics to make your own Genmon and Types

And so much more!

Now with an AP!

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The Idol Journey seems to be the most complex out of all of the beta playbooks, and has fairly inconsistent wording. Could you clarify how the Audience Reputation mechanic is supposed to work?

The Idol is probably the most complex of the eight but we've smoothed it down a lot. Can you tell me exactly what you're not understanding on The Idol's Audience Reputation mechanic you're having trouble with?

Whether the maximum for the audience rep track starts at their Technique, or the level of reputation in that track (which is set at 3 in the beta), and if the size of the track increases as the Idol wins trophies.

Also does the Idol gain perks and clear their companionship drives upon gaining their trophies like the other journeys?

The maximum for the Audience track is 3, regardless of Reputation. That's why there are only three pips for the Audience Track.

Yes, the Idol does reset their Drives after a Performance. You no longer get Perks when successfully hitting a Benchmark, that somehow remained from an older version.


Hi. This game seems awesome.

Can i play it with just 1 player + 1 GM?

It's not really designed for that at the base game. Maybe for a splatbook or something.


Hey, are you still working on this? Any plans for a physical edition? It looks so promising and I'm beyond excited, I was looking for a way to ditch Pokerole and clearly you're it! Good luck on your work! <3

Hey! Thanks for the interest!

We are, indeed, still working on this! We have plans on doing a Kickstarter by the end of the year!! You can keep updated on our progress either here on Itch by following our page or following us on Twitter and Bluesky, here are the links to that, it's the best way to keep abreast of what we're doing, any art we put out or other news.



We are planning on a physical copy through the kickstarter as well! Thanks again for the interest and the kind words! We're excited to show you what we've got for the future! Lots of plans for the game, splatbooks and additional content are in the works.


Love it, super excited, will check it out!


Can this be played solo?


It isn't designed for solo-play.


You can probably play the game solo with the assistance of Mythic or some other DM-simulating oracle.

I wouldn't know, I don't know that system to say if it would work or well.

Word search for Genmon Journeys in the beta doc - it's still in there a few times. 

Really excited for this!


That was it's old working name. I'll have to fix it when I'm able. Thanks for the catch!